How Can Wall Art Benefit Your Small Business?

Blogs / April 21, 2017


Ask anyone in business what keeps their employees happy and inspired and they’ll tell you it’s the little things. Even something as small as hanging art on the walls of your workplace can go a long way in creating a great work environment, and that’s what we at LinkNow Media are exploring at today. Here are three ways your small business can benefit from getting artsy:

Team Building

At the heart of efficiency is coworkers getting along. It’s that simple. Employees who like and respect each other want to see each other succeed, which usually means they’ll lend a helping hand when it’s needed. That’s why team building activities, like company picnics are so important – they allow employees to let go and connect on a personal level. Art can do the same. An interesting piece of artwork in the workplace can open the door to meaningful conversation, which can bring coworkers closer together.


Attracting top talent should not be underestimated, especially these days with so many companies actively vying for attention across social media platforms. When it comes to retaining hard-working employees, it is important to keep things interesting inside the office. Nothing will send an employee packing like a boring workplace, and inspiration doesn’t come easy staring at a blank wall. An interesting visual can encourage employees to think outside the box.


You may have a few old paintings hanging around in your attic or you may be waiting for a garage sale to pick one up for cheap. However, before you break out the hammer and nails, it is important that you put some thought into this decision. The artwork you hang on your walls should be an extension of your company’s brand image. If your artwork is cheap and generic, what is that saying about your company? If choosing art isn’t your forte, it can be worth it to bring in the help of a professional when it comes to selecting a piece or two.

Final Thoughts

With more companies taking a minimalist approach to interior design, art is becoming a rarity. This is unfortunate because adding art to an office environment offers so many benefits. At LinkNow Media, we say bring back the art.

Do you have any interesting artwork in your office? If so, do you think it brings employees closer together?



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on August 28, 2019

I appreciate how the article explains that wall art can help provide inspiration as it helps spark creativity within employees. My uncle is looking for a way to help inspire his employees at work so they can come up with new creative ideas. I will suggest that he get some wall art for his office.

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