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Want to know what makes LinkNow Media such a great place to work? Why not hear it directly from their employees?


Andrew Mendel

In all my previous jobs, it was so difficult to get out of my bed to go to work, but at LinkNow, I usually wake up before my alarm even rings.  I come to work, hang out with my friends and family, eat breakfast at the restaurant downstairs with them, and joke around with them.  Break times, and after work is also fun, hanging out, playing video games, nerf wars or foosball on a Friday night is definitely a great thing that brings everyone at work together and makes working at LinkNow so great.

adina - LinkNow Media

Adina Costa

It’s a great environment to learn new things. LinkNow give chances to everyone to prove themselves, whether you are an inexperienced individual or in the midst of changing careers,  there are always things to do to prove yourself, and advance. Aside from the professional development, the veteran staff is helpful, friendly and fun. We work hard, and we have a lot of fun as well.

rodyarantes - LinkNow Media

Rody Arantes

I was the first employee of the company so I have been here since day one.  LinkNow feels more like family than work and the people are awesome.  The work environment is very friendly and light and people at work actually want to hang out after the day is done because we are all so close.

andrewdudin - LinkNow Media

Andrew Dudin

LinkNow Media provides a fun working environment that is relaxed but professional.  Being able to laugh in a day is what’s important for me and LinkNow provides that.  I believe in the product and that we are providing a good service. People need what we have to offer, so when we can help it’s a great feeling.

evemendelovitch - LinkNow Media

Eve Mendelovitch

LinkNow is a place where nobody is judged and everyone has equal opportunity for advancement. We are a casual corporate environment making sure that we play as hard as we work. Everyone here is family and we all work as a team no matter what department you’re in. Wesley (the owner) knows everyone by name, he is always there to listen to the staff and takes everyone’s input seriously. That is not something every company has, most of the time the “head honcho” doesn’t have the personal relationship with his staff and I think that is what makes LinkNow truly special.

Ray Boulé - LinkNow Media

Ray Boulé

I started here when LinkNow was just a dream. So I have had the unique advantage of being able to grow a huge amount with the company. We were two employees at the beginning and now we are broaching 100. I’ve been the janitor, the plumber, sales manager, customer service rep, head of design team and now I am Director of Operations. I feel that I’ve been able to grow as a person as well during my six odd years here. I’ve learned to work better as a member of a team and I’ve learned how to be a better leader.

jaimeludgate - LinkNow Media

Jaime Ludgate

My reason for loving working at LinkNow Media is the team atmosphere. How our service simplifies the internet to many small and medium business owners who just don’t understand or don’t have the time to have site and SEO. The environment is fun with a lot of energy a real family feeling as soon as you step through the doors and start meeting coworkers and other staff members you notice the aura around the office right away.

helenblanco - LinkNow Media

Helen Blanco

The managers are very understanding and employees are treated like people, not pawns.  They make employee morale a priority. Whether a small gesture like ice cream treats on a hot day, or a big one like raises/bonuses and direct praise in recognition for good work.  You can be yourself at LinkNow, dress in your own style and speak to colleagues casually the way you normally would with good friends.

paigestelman - LinkNow Media

Paige Moore

The company is very family oriented based and has an amazing work environment throughout, with incredible training opportunities and bonuses. The management at LinkNow always makes their employees feel valued.

leepilgrim - LinkNow Media

Lee Pilgrim

LinkNow Media has a very encouraging and laid back environment, where you are encouraged to learn as much about the industry as you would like to and you’re treated well where you don’t feel expendable or just like a number.

mackenziesamson - LinkNow Media

Mackenzie Samson

The work environment is great at LinkNow! The people that work here and the way employees are treated are the biggest reasons I enjoy coming to work. Everyone here knows how to have a good time but still able to make sure work gets done. 



Sounds pretty awesome right?

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