A business is nothing without the people that hold it together and at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

Jake is not a morning person. Like, at all. To function in a 9-to-5 environment he overcompensates. So he usually begins his day by hitting snooze on his alarm four or five times until 6:00 a.m. He wants to write some of his own poetry in the morning, but usually, he prioritizes sleep. He then rolls out of bed and into his gym clothes. He grabs his lunch (batch-cooked on the weekend) and heads to the gym for a crisp 7:00 a.m. workout.

After working up a sweat, Jake feels focused and calm for the day ahead. LinkNow Media is a great place to work, but as someone who dances on the introversion-extroversion cusp, Jake likes the exercise endorphins backing him up in social situations. And the extra focus really helps when you’re churning out thousands of words per day!

Jake’s typical day involves reading. A lot of reading—about all sorts of different subjects and industries. His favorite part of the day is when he can learn about online marketing and synthesize his knowledge into new pieces for clients’ blogs or landing pages. He answers a few emails, but for the most part his workday consists of his brain, some good music, and a word processor.

Jake hasn’t had a single bad day since moving to content. Some days the topics are tougher than others, but he tries to concentrate on the task at hand and not let his critical side get the better of him.

Jake is new to the position and is still learning the ropes when it comes to page volume. But he loves doing in-depth research and reading white papers. If Jake has an attitude towards his work, it’s that quality beats quantity every time!

The Support System

Jake loves hanging out with his work friends, who all religiously take lunch at the same time every day. Lunch is the best part of the day, aside from nailing a hard assignment or completing a long-term project, especially when you’re passionate about cooking. Having a close group of amazing people to work with makes the workweek go by in the blink of an eye, and the memories he’s made with his LinkNow family will last for years!

Whether it’s a strategy session with Eve, trading music recommendations with Aubrey, or cracking jokes with Ryan or Tyson, every member of the LinkNow Media team makes it a special place to work.

Jake’s three keys for success as a content writer:

  1. Be curious about everything. There’s no such thing as a boring subject and no such thing as useless knowledge.
  2. Read. A lot! Read whatever you can get your hands on.
  3. Prioritizing sleep and good mental and physical health makes even the hardest week bearable.