A business is nothing without the people that hold it together and at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

James Armstrong would like to say he gets up gracefully in the morning, but you can’t really call running full speed out of the metro with your shirt on backwards graceful.

When he finally gets to the office disheveled and out of breath from his peaceful awakening, it’s straight to the coffee machine with full determination, before heading to his desk which is always cov-ered in Post-its scrawled with inside jokes that no one else understands to train new batches of great potential salespeople!

The opening department can get a little crazy sometimes, but it’s an energetic area of the sales floor focused on quality calls with a fun and endearing vibe.

The Support System

Three things you’ll need as an opener are energy, a smile and most important of all—motivation. This is made easy with the support of Mylisa, the opening overlord who is in a constant good mood and equipped with motivational speeches as well as constant reminders to “smile and dial!”

James’ breaks consist of walking around and joking while yelling “MYYY MAAAN” at passing co-workers and eating a copious amount of company cereal while singing along to the radio. Legend states that if James were to run low on cereal or coffee, his life force would be depleted and he would vanish into thin air.

These are probably the things that keep him coming back to work, day after day, and heading home with no complaints… so long as sustenance is provided.

James’ keys for success in the opening department:

  • Quality, quality, quality!
  • As the first point of contact with many future clients, it is important to be very attentive to their current situation and carefully explain the websites we’re hoping to create for them.

  • It also directly determines a lot of the closing department’s success in reach-ing out and creating long-standing relationships with our clients so that the whole transition process through all our different departments is as smooth as butter!