A business is nothing without the people that hold it together, and at LinkNow Media, we have a lot of glue! It’s always fun to get some insight into what someone’s day at work might be like, especially when they are doing a different job than you. So, we put the word out and received some great responses!

The Work Day

When 5:30am hits, Mackenzie is awake, making coffee and turning on The Real Housewives while she does her makeup. Her eyebrows have to be on fleek or her performance at work will not be at 100%. After moseying around making several duck faces, she’s ready to head out the door!

At work, Mackenzie’s work space is not a disaster. She has a few Post-its laying around, but most of the clutter is tucked away safely in her filing cabinet where no one (aka Eve, Director of Operations) can see it.

Her to-do list for any given day is pretty hefty. Her three main tasks are:

Creating backlinks for clients’ websites. This involves reviewing their primary marketing specialties, and checking their ranking report. In order to ensure that they are getting the proper exposure for their primary services, backlinks are made with those keywords by selecting the page that is already ranking in the first 50 results. The result should be a top 8 ranking if there is a local pack or top 5 if there is not.

Creating landing page orders, and then implementing them on the website. This is similar to deciding which keywords to backlink. Referring to the clients’ primary specialties and ranking report, an order is created based off of what is not ranking where it should be. Once the topic is determined, it is sent over to the content department to write either a full page of 500 words, or if there is an existing page on the website, an extension. Once the content is complete, the order is bounced back to SEO to be implemented on the website.

Other parts of her day involve answering a lot of questions, internally and with clients. She’s often explaining things so that the SEO in relation to the chosen client package is a little easier to understand. Figuring out what to do in order to increase a clients’ exposure without them having to spend a lot of money is also done by auditing a website, reviewing competition and more to see what is possible within their package. This can mean re-optimizing the website, as well as changing titles, descriptions and headers.

There are times when Mackenzie skips her last break if it’s a really busy day. Clients’ sites won’t SEO themselves! But when she is able to take breaks she’s usually at her desk looking through Facebook, playing Candy Crush or doing wicked tricks with her fidget spinner.

The Support System

Generally, it takes a lot to completely ruin her day, but the lack of Justin Timberlake being played really makes it difficult to be 100% happy all of the time.

Even while enduring this hardship, it is still easy to come back to work every day. Mackenzie considers LinkNow to be her second family.

Her favourite thing about her co-workers is that they are all able to have fun, but also get everything accomplished in a day of work.

In Closing

When asked for closing remarks, Mackenzie simply asks, “Please just play J.T. once a day at the very minimum!”

Mackenzie’s keys for success in the SEO department:

1. Having good listening skills: As someone who knows how to differentiate between local and organic SEO, sometimes our clients do not understand the difference, or how it all really works. So, when you are speaking with clients it’s important to really hear what they are telling you, in order to properly achieve what the client wants.

2. Having a good focus: This is important especially in the organic SEO department, as what we do directly affects online exposure. You must make sure that the correct terms are being used for both backlinking and content creation.”