LinkNow would be nothing without the people who make it all possible! But who are they? What do they do? And what makes the employees at LinkNow so unique, friendly, sometimes weird, and always great to work with? We’re here to find out!

Meet Marlon.

At LinkNow Media, Marlon is the Designer Assistant Team Lead. He interacts with clients, advises the members of his team, and brushes up on the latest advances in web design and development. Between managing client expectations, taking care of his team and delivering results, Marlon’s got his work cut out for him. But he makes it look easy! Join us for a day in the life of Marlon Gregg.

Marlon’s Day

Most people start their days with a good old-fashioned blast of caffeine. Marlon, however, isn’t a coffee drinker. Instead, his day begins with a blast of music. As he drives to work, Marlon pumps up the volume on his favourite tunes. The more bass, the better. Who cares if the speakers blow out? He calls music his key for getting ready for work, and his key to life in general. ‘Music is my medicine,’ he explains. Marlon’s position as Design Team Lead keeps him very busy. However, no matter how many tasks he’s doing, he focuses all his energy on the issue at hand. Like a honeybee to a flower. Like a tiger to its prey. Laser precision. Marlon doesn’t mess around. It’s that concentration that makes him one of the most reliable people on the team. Everyone can depend on Marlon to get the job done right on the first try. Much of Marlon’s workday is spent speaking with clients. He helps them create the websites they want, facilitating any changes and updates that need to be made along the way. Clients love his calm demeanour and way of simplifying complex ideas. Marlon also makes himself available to his team of Design Assistants through regular coaching and one-on-one support. He helps his colleagues excel in their positions, both as designers and as client-facing advisors. He is a client’s source for logo design and the other visual elements that come together for an elegant, easy-to-use website. On breaks, you can find Marlon scrolling through news outlets, Instagram, or even the odd mobile game.

Thoughts on LinkNow?

Marlon has nothing but good things to say about the engaging, team-based atmosphere fostered by LinkNow. “I appreciate the team aspect at work. We all want to help one another so that our clients stay with us for the long haul. It also helps that we all love to laugh with and at each other,” he says. Taking each day as it comes, Marlon embraces the various successes and challenges of the job. He brings a kind of Zen energy to the team. A calmness and positivity. Basically, he’s the guy that gets his work done better and faster than everyone—but it looks like he’s not even trying.

Off the Clock…

Remember how we mentioned Marlon is musically inclined? He’s not just an avid listener, but actually moonlights as an event DJ as well! He performs under the name DJ Mix Doctor. Aptly named for someone who claims that, ‘Music is my medicine’. And guess what? We tried Marlon’s medicine—it works! Follow him on Instagram (@djmixdr) or check out some of his mixes on SoundCloud!