If you want to have strong, productive, and happy employees, you need to give them something to believe in. As an employer, it’s important to ensure that every employee understands how their role fits into the bigger picture. You need to ensure that everyone feels like they’re contributing and that everyone can see their own and their team’s success. In sum, you need to give employees meaning. While having a strong company vision and culture is a good step forward, it’s not enough to get people invested in their work. For that you need something else. At LinkNow Media, we call that creativity. By giving employees the chance to think critically and put their personality into their work, we’ve created a workplace that’s always doing great work. And the results are amazing. The work gets done faster. The quality is higher. And everyone’s happier, more confident, and excited to come to work in the morning. Read on to learn how we’ve used creativity to build an amazing team!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Think back to when you were in high school or university: Do you remember all those group projects you did with your peers? Remember how the ideas just seemed to spill onto the page when several people began tackling the same issues? Fostering the creativity of an entire group of people—a team—is what is going to reward you with the best ideas. And plenty of them, too.

Encouraging Creativity Improves Workplace Engagement

When your team is requested to bring a personal touch to workplace tasks, magic can happen. If they had been feeling alienated in the workplace by the monotony of simply doing what they were told day-in-day-out, they’ll no longer feel that way. They’ll truly feel like they’re a part of the company, and with good reason: Their bright ideas will be implemented to correct issues and improve conditions. There is a snowball effect when you allow your team to engage with the company on a deeper level. The more freedom they’re given to develop their great ideas, the happier they’ll be.

Good Ideas Birth Good Ideas

To go back to the idea of the snowball effect, the same is true for the creation of good ideas. One creative solution inevitably inspires another innovation in the same person or one of their peers. Before long, those once-murky and undeveloped strategies will be completely foolproof.

Creative Workplaces Retain Valuable Employees

The Work Institute estimates that this year 1 in 4 employees will leave their jobs. While there are a variety of reasons an individual might leave their job, one of the most common is workplace dissatisfaction. A workplace that welcomes new ideas, gives employees time to brainstorm, and indulges their creative impulses is guaranteed to keep hold of prized employees and save you from the stress of recruitment and training. In short, everyone wins in a creative and collaborative workplace!  

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