No, it’s not quite the New Year season yet, but we’re a few months away, which isn’t too far when you’re thinking about accomplishing some career goals.

Whether you’re an overachiever or just in the midst of the daily grind, everyone wants to get somewhere in their career even if it’s just to be making more money.

So, what steps can you take in these fall months to start yourself out on the right path when January rolls around? We’ve got the answers for you right here!

  • Define Your Mission

  • Knowing where you’re going is the first step in any journey. Have you always had the same vague idea of what you want to accomplish in life? Is it to be at the top of your game? To gain money or fame? Try isolating goals within those broad hopes and work on them individually.

    Are you recently in a panic after realizing you don’t have a career mission? It’s ok. Everyone starts somewhere. Start with the small things like completing one extra task every day, and move on from there. You’ll find your inner workaholic in no time!

  • Adopt Good Habits

  • Have you heard of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? It was written for a good reason. While Stephen R. Covey has some great ideas, we want you to start with the basics. Get enough sleep, drink enough water, and avoid the Ramen noodles. You wouldn’t believe the difference it will make!

  • Maximize on Downtime

  • We’re not saying not to ever take time off, but when you’re facing a break or a commute, try to think about what you could be doing other than messing around on your phone for half an hour. Could you be planning out the rest of your day or doing some budgeting? Even if it’s not work-related, getting some personal work out of the way when you would otherwise not be productive will provide you with more downtime in the long-run!

  • Get Active

  • Not everyone loves to exercise as much as those inspiration gurus on Instagram, but a little bit never hurt anyone. Exercise has been proven to keep you alert and focused, takes your energy to the next level and improves your brain function. So next time you’re considering picking up that cup of coffee, try some jumping jacks instead!

  • Never Stop Learning

  • This is your career, and it’s important to be invested in it. Do you have the opportunity to go for coffee with a manager and learn more about the job you’re doing? Have you been noticing that free online course popping up whenever you’re browsing the Internet? It’s time to dive right in—keep on learning and you’ll be at the top of your game and ready for the next step when it comes across your desk.

They may seem like the biggest New Year’s resolutions you’ve ever seen, but these five tips will help you feel better at home and at the office. Try them out and see just how far they can take you!