wardobeWhat factors dictate your sartorial choices when you’re rummaging through your closet for something to wear? The weather? Your mood? The occasion? Or, do you grab the first clean thing you see and head out the door? Whatever factors play into why you dress the way you do; one thing is for sure: getting dressed is something you do every day. You would think that as an adult, you would have this whole thing down pat, but picking out an outfit can be tricky, especially when it comes to the workplace. Do fashion mores fall to the wayside when it comes to dressing professional? Who’s to say what’s too casual as the workplace becomes an increasingly laid-back environment? Can the clothes you wear hurt your chances of getting that promotion? Most offices institute a dress code, but everyone draws the line differently for what’s appropriate and what isn’t. If you’re new to the office world, you might feel like getting dressed for work is a game of guess and hope for the best. How do you stay true to your personal sense of style, while honoring the office dress code? Rather than rattle off fashion do’s and don’ts for a business casual setting, here are three tools that can help you on your quest to finding that middle ground:

Workplace Fashion Blogs

A quick Google search will lead you to a ton of helpful blogs for building a workplace wardrobe. From different ways to wear a blazer from dressing up a casual outfit with jewelry and accessories, blogs can be your guide on the journey to finding clothes you love to wear to work. You are sure to find one that suits your tastes and budget. Here are four fashion blogs that are committed to keeping up with the latest in office style:

Wardrobe Management Apps

If you’re like most people, you rely on your phone for nearly everything: email, weather updates, music, news, planning, and more. What you may not realize is that your phone can also be very helpful when it comes to choosing an outfit. Chances are, you already have everything you need to dress for success – it’s just a matter of putting everything together. Trying to piece garments together can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The last thing you want is to be late for work because you were busy reorganizing your closet after trying on several outfits. There are a handful of apps that allow you to catalogue your clothing, organize your closet, and coordinate your outfit. It’s easy as snapping a pic of your articles of clothing. Here are the top three:

Personal Stylist

These days, you don’t need to meet with a personal stylist to dress to the nines. There are several websites where you can order clothing and accessories directly to your door that have been handpicked by a professional stylist. All you need to do is fill out a personal style profile, and leave the rest to the pros. You keep what you like and send back what you don’t, only paying for what you keep. This helps stylists get a better idea of what you like based on what you don’t. You’ll love more with every order! Here are three sites that will help you dress your best for work:


Fashion is all about taking risks, but take bigger ones after 5 o’clock. Finding clothes that are work appropriate but also suit your tastes can be difficult, but keep at it! It will feel great when you finally do! When you look good, you feel good. This level of confidence takes you places.