The biggest shopping day of the year is coming up, and for so many small business owners, hopes are riding high. Boxing day sales are an opportunity to showcase your wares, your best services, introduce your company to new customers, and earn some serious revenue before the close of the year.

But it’s not all upside. For management and those who run the day-to-day operations of their businesses, it can be a challenge to get your staff pumped up for a day they’d rather be out shopping themselves. Staffing is hard enough on a regular day but keeping your team’s eye on the prize during Boxing Day sales can be a challenge. Here are three tips on how to prepare your staff for Boxing Day sales no matter what industry you’re in:

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

Working over the holidays can be a bummer, but that goes double when the purpose of your work is unclear. As a small business owner, it’s your job to clearly explain to your staff that post-Christmas sales can be one of the most lucrative points of the year in any industry. Letting them know their time is valued during this crucial period and praising them for their best efforts will win them over—and help you maximize your revenue.

It also can’t hurt to let them know that they can also expect a slowdown in January and February as consumers tighten their belts and close their wallets. It’s not so hard working harder for a week when a lower-stress period is on the horizon!

Incentivize Their Time

Nobody wants to work during the holidays. Most of us would rather be at home with family and loved ones, or even hitting the mall ourselves to take advantage of all the great Boxing Day Deals.

Why not show your appreciation for your hardworking staff by incentivizing their time at the office or storefront with bonuses, contests, or games? It’ll cost you little and create an inviting atmosphere. Working during the holiday season doesn’t seem as bad when your wallet is full!

Make Work Fun

Creating a fun and supportive work environment can make even the toughest days on the job feel like a breeze. Just five minutes of ice-breaking games and activities before the Boxing Day sale begins can remind your employees that each of them is individually contributing to something greater than themselves—the whole team.

At LinkNow Media, we work hard to create an atmosphere where playing hard is rewarded just as much as working hard. We’ve found that it improves employee engagement and productivity. With foosball tables, raffles, bonus roulettes and company-wide Jenga games, we’ve found a way keep work fun every single day of the year.

Be Ready To Lead

Ultimately, the success of your business during your Boxing Day sales is up to the management—and if you’re reading this page, that’s probably you! Steer the ship to the utmost of your ability, and maybe read a few posts on this blog for leadership and management tips in general.

Need help attracting customers during the busy holiday season or getting the word out about your Boxing Day sales? Why not let us make it easier for you? LinkNow Media handles online marketing for 10,000 small businesses—and counting!