Skye Blake

Skye Blake Head of Local Marketing

It is a work environment that feels like family. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and our team is filled with awesome, diverse and hardworking people.

More Than a Marketing Job

We’ve all been there.

You want to a job you can be proud of. You want a job that gives you real-world experience. You want a job that will take you somewhere.

But where to start?

LinkNow Media is the perfect place to start your career in digital marketing. From data-entry jobs to content writing jobs, we offer everyone the chance to learn the tricks of the trade and build a professional career. In fact, many of our positions don’t require any previous knowledge in SEO or digital marketing.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know and pay you at the same time!

We’re the company that wants you to succeed. Because when you succeed, we do too.

How do you think we’ve been ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada for the third year in a row?

Join the team that wants you to succeed!

Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies

What good is a killer website if no one can find it? Combining time-tested strategies with the latest trends in SEO, our digital marketing specialists develop and promote the online presence of our 10 000+ active clients.

Want to join our Local SEO team to get small businesses on the map? How about the Organic SEO team to get small businesses onto the first page of Google?

Or, maybe you’re a writer who wants to write content that sells? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you. Check out our current opportunities and apply today!

Trinese Gray

Trinese Gray Local Verification Team Lead

For me, it’s all about facing challenges head on and enjoying the success with my team.

Data-entry Jobs in Local SEO

Mobile technology has changed the face of marketing.

Have you ever looked up a business on your phone?

Ever wondered why some businesses are easier to find than others?

Get trained on the job. Get experience in an emerging field!

Our local marketing team makes sure that small businesses get found online. By managing the business listings of our 10 000+ active clients, they check that all their information is accurate and up-to-date. By frequently posting on their social media accounts, our local SEO experts make sure that our clients remain active, relevant, and engaged with their clients.

Digital Marketing Jobs in Organic SEO

Search engines make the internet possible. And how you rank on search engines will make or break your business.

That’s where our organic marketing jobs come in. We help small businesses compete against Big Business. We get small businesses ranking on the first page of Google.

You don’t need experience to get the job! We’ll train you on the spot.

Learn about backlinks, keyword strategy, content integration, and more, while giving the little guy a chance. Join our Organic SEO team!

Ryan Macdonald

Ryan Macdonald Senior SEO Consultant

It’s cool to come to the office here in Montreal, put in work and then watch how it affects things out in the real world.

English Content Writing Jobs in Montreal

Are you a writer who wants to make money doing what you love? We want you on the team.

Don’t know much about SEO, copy-writing, or marketing? No problem. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and give you the tools to succeed.

All you need is a love of writing, a will to learn, and a desire to write compelling content that seals the deal.

Check out our current openings and send us your CV!