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Are you looking for a challenge? A workplace where you can make an impact, leave your mark, and move your career forward? Consider this our application to have you on the team.

We are LinkNow Media. We offer boutique-quality web services without the boutique prices. We’re out to make websites accessible to small business owners — the mom-and-pops, the next-door neighbours, the aunt, the cousin, the friend.

And we never forget about the team of people who make it all possible. People who want to grow. People who are not only open to change but demand it.

People like you. If you’ll have us!

Head over to our jobs board and join the LinkNow story today.

Experience: How we got here

The LinkNow story began way back in 2009. With a passionate team of five, we set out to make killer websites that were supported by proven digital marketing strategies. By making them affordable, we created a product that could get anyone online in a flash. Let’s just say, the idea took off!

Since then we’ve seen our growth skyrocket. We’ve launched countless new products. And we’ve expanded from a modest five-person team, to a team of 170—and counting. Given that we recently surpassed 10 000 active clients and ranked once again as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada (for the 5th year in a row!), the future is looking bright at LinkNow Media.

Let’s share the success together.

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Culture: The people who make it possible

Everyone brings a unique skillset to their team. Working together, we learn from one another. We support one another. We help each other make the sale, create stunning websites, write compelling content, and facilitate unforgettable customer experiences.

We’re friends and colleagues. That’s what makes it so much fun to work here!

Passion and ambition are not just the keys to success at LinkNow Media, they are the keys to the success of LinkNow Media.

If you want to work with a tight-knit team of like-minded individuals, LinkNow Media is the place for you.


Skills: a Hands-Off Approach that Encourages Independence and Job Satisfaction

We might go on and on about our growth, but LinkNow Media still feels like a small company. We do it by keeping our teams small. Eliminating micromanagement. Celebrating creative thinking. Cultivating independent decision-making.

Passion and ambition are not just the keys to success at LinkNow Media, they are the keys to the success of LinkNow Media.

Our rule?

Make an impact. Then own it.

Values: Proud to Be
an Equal Opportunity Employer

Having a diverse team is one of our greatest strengths. It gives us our edge. It allows us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s more than an idea, it’s a culture.

Just take a look at our leadership and you’ll find that 50% of all senior positions are held by women. And with a staff that reflects the cultural diversities, you’re sure to feel right at home the moment you step through our doors.


Goals: Let’s Build Something Great Together

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to be the best on day one. We weren’t. We know it takes time. The most we ask is that you’re driven to become the best. And we’ll help you get there—if you help us. Let’s work together to take LinkNow Media to the next level!

Don’t be a stranger. We want to hear from you. Apply now to discover your role in the next chapter of the LinkNow story.