When the pandemic hit and lockdowns went into affect, businesses the world over had to shutter their doors. Some for good.

Of course, some industries were hit harder than others, but almost no business—even those that could go remote—walked away unscathed.

At LinkNow, we were lucky enough to brace for change and adapt fast. That adaptability proved crucial, as it’s what helped us go fully remote without missing a beat.

Addressing Challenges, Being Open to Them

Adapting to changing circumstances wasn’t easy. But we had to, or else we would be surpassed. After all, Internet use skyrocketed during the lockdown. Failure was not an option.

Without time to ease into this new system, we had to allow time to adjust. We realized that remote work revolves around the individual more than office work, so we developed strategies to accommodate that.

Though work was less structured out of office, the overall structure of the business didn’t change. Slowly individuals developed systems for maintaining productivity that worked within the larger structure of the business.

This system allowed us to iron out wrinkles as we determined the factors that allowed for the individual success. Trial and error, if you will.

Streamlining Information Systems

Making information and workflow procedures easily accessible to all was critical. Centralizing the training and operational processes that led to our success before the lockdown went from something we were working on in the background to priority number one.

Since there was no more face-to-face management, work processes had to be accessible so the individual asking could answer questions that managers typically fielded.

We replaced employee supervision with simple solutions for employees.

Managing Distractions and Personal Challenges

We had to adapt to another critical aspect of remote work: managing potential distractions and mental health issues brought on by the forced isolation.

Right from the beginning, we emphasized the importance of keeping up with a work routine at home. We promoted workspace cleanliness and personal hygiene, taking walks at your usual break times, and creating a before and after work routine that mimics a commute.

LinkNow made many mental health resources available for employees and offered encouragement and emotional support wherever necessary.

Eventually, the isolation of lockdown got to all of us. We all again realized the importance of social interaction and allocating a place where colleagues can relax throughout the day– even if it is virtual.

At LinkNow, We Adapt

LinkNow’s success in switching to remote work can be attributed to embracing one of our core company values: “We adapt.”

Not only were we able to survive switching to remote work, but we thrived. Because we kept an open mind and continually adapted to the needs of individual employees without deviating from LinkNow’s greater procedural structure, we succeeded.

We met deadlines and completed tasks, and contrary to our initial concerns with remote work, productivity and sales went up as well.
How have you coped with the change in work, life, and leisure? Do you have a routine that keeps you focused? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

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