hanging lights For young professionals trying to choose between one company and another, a cool perk can be a deal breaker. Even something as simple as free breakfast or an annual gym stipend can be an advantage one company has over another. It goes without saying then that you should be offering perks to attract top talent. Today, we are looking at a handful of companies that are offering the best of the best, from food to health programs. We realize that as a small business, you may not have the budget to get extravagant, so we’re going to offer some cost-effective alternatives that your employees are sure to appreciate.


Whiskey Fridays. Need we say more? Dropbox is a cloud storage company that provides their employees with free whiskey every Friday. This is a great way to establish a laid-back work environment, while encouraging employees to let their guard down and socialize. If you can’t swing alcohol on your dime every week, once a month is enough to allow employees to burn off some steam.

Clif Bar

It’s no secret. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and spirit. Clif bar, an organic food and drink company must know this because they provide employees with reimbursements for biking and walking to work, an at-office rock climbing wall, free weekly exercise classes, and gym stipends. If you are a small business owner, that might not be feasible. As an alternative, see if can hire a local yoga or Zumba instructor to come the office one a month, or for a surprise treat. The instructor will love the exposure, and your employees will feel great.


We couldn’t not mention Google’s free breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Google has proven that meeting basic needs, like food, goes a long way in keeping employees productive and happy. Not many companies have the means like Google does to dish out free meals, but providing your employees with cereal, fruit, and coffee is fuel for productivity and a huge gesture.


How does unlimited vacation time sound? Like an awesome policy? Netflix has completely debunked the traditional 9-5 workday by not tracking hours and offering unlimited vacation, and for obvious reasons. These days, there is nothing stopping someone from getting work done when work needs to get done from anywhere they are. Not only does this level of flexibility increase efficiency and productivity, it creates a stronger employer-employee relationship because it establishes a level of trust for both parties. Not ready to ditch regular hours completely? Start off slow by allowing employees to work remotely more often. You might be surprised by the increase in productivity.

Final Thoughts

At LinkNow Media, we looked at the new generation entering the workforce in a previous post, and pointed at the fact that they’re looking for more than pay when it comes to a job. What they really want are experiences. If you’re not providing them with that, then they’ll feel like just another cog in the system. Going beyond standard vacation time and traditional benefits are surefire ways to attract emerging talent.