As the new year has just begun, we’re all looking forward to a fresh start and accomplishing all those things that we couldn’t in 2017.

Whether you felt like you put your best foot forward this past year or not, there’s always ways we can improve our lives, and by making even the smallest changes, you could find something that really works for you and makes 2018 your best year yet.

Work takes up a big part of our lives. So it goes without saying that making resolutions within the workplace will affect you outside of it as well. Looking for some inspiration? Start here!

Stop Criticizing Yourself and Others.

Are you in the habit of getting down on yourself? If you are, you’re probably just as hard on your coworkers. Being driven and goal-oriented in the workplace is a great thing, but when it’s raising your stress levels and those of people around you, it’s no longer helpful. Ask yourself: Do I really need to be down on myself about this, or is there a constructive way I can work towards changes without being disappointed and angry?

Enjoy your Accomplishments.

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to zip past your accomplishments without really taking the time to enjoy them. And we’re not just talking about big accomplishments like getting a raise or a promotion. Finish a quota an hour early? Get praised for a job well done? Take a moment to savor it. This is the best part of your job!

Learn More.

Think you know all there is to know about your job? Impossible. Even if you believe what you do is simple, there’s always ways to learn and grow. Data entry? Phone sales? Take some time out of your evening to read up about what other professionals in your field are doing to increase productivity and enjoy their job more. You’ll be surprised at what you find!

Take a Few Risks.

Don’t do something that’s going to get you fired, but if you see a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and accomplish something—go for it! If you’re someone who doesn’t like to speak up, try to do that a little more. Start with a monthly goal, move on to weekly, and soon you’ll be voicing your opinion whenever it seems appropriate. You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there.

Get Networking.

When you stand on the sidelines, you don’t get anywhere in life. But hey—maybe you’re already a social butterfly. In which case, aim for quality conversation. Small talk with your coworkers can be fun, but try to have a few goal-oriented conversations every week and see how far it gets you.

No matter how simple, complicated, boring, or exciting your job is you’re the only one who can make changes and grow within your position. Whether you want to succeed in your current job or move on to a different career path, why not start realizing your goals in 2018?