xmas treee What happens at the annual office Christmas party, does not stay at the annual office Christmas party. If, after holiday break, you return to the office asking your coworkers if you should feel embarrassed about your behavior at the office Christmas party, there’s a huge chance you made a party faux pas. Don’t spend your Christmas vacation trying to piece together a night of festive debauchery. Follow these tips:

Office party drunkenness

Whether your holiday office party is hosted at your office or a nearby eatery, there’s a huge chance that alcohol will be present. There’s also a chance that this alcohol will be free, but that doesn’t mean you should start chug-a-lugging. Sure, the point of any party is to enjoy yourself, but please, drink in moderation. The last thing you want is to get too drunk and pass out, or get sick. Play it safe and drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. Or, limit yourself to one drink per hour. If you are planning on drinking, be sure to make arrangements for transportation beforehand.

Love actually is not all around

Your coworker may or may not have a crush on you too, but an office Christmas party isn’t the time or place to find out (even if there’s mistletoe hanging above a doorway). You may not be as suave as you think, or your love might be unrequited. Starting a fling at the office is something you want to do tactfully, anyway. Sure, a few drinks might provide you with the confidence to act on your feelings, but this could lead to a morning full of regret.

Tis the season…to converse

Make an effort to have a conversation with coworkers you don’t usually interact with. If small talk isn’t your strong suit, have a few topics in mind beforehand. Everyone knows that feeling of having nothing left to say to a person, standing awkwardly, and waiting for a certain so-and-so to walk by to save you. When it comes to work events, keep it light. Don’t complain about work or gossip. We recommend asking your coworkers about their plans for the holidays, and avoiding topics like politics and religion.

Don’t bail!

Of course, the easiest way to avoid making a mistake at your annual Christmas party is by skipping it completely. This isn’t the way to go. Not only will it look like you don’t appreciate your company putting together events, you’ll miss a good time. Don’t be a Grinch!


Do you have a list of office party do’s and dont’s? Let us know how you keeps your office party in full swing without getting too rowdy in the comments section below.