The Work Day

Waking up is the hardest part of the day for Nathalie. She considers herself a zombie in the morning, so she always needs a double espresso the moment she’s out of the shower. Her boyfriend Corey makes it and brings it upstairs, leaving it on her desk for when she’s out. She figures he probably does this because she’s a more enjoyable person to be around after coffee!

At work, Nathalie keeps her workspace tidy. But, she does rely on tons of Post-its because she’s a forgetful person. She’s also got some of those meditation colouring books and pencils with an electric sharpener under her desk. In sales, it’s easy to feel the stress of closing strongly and it gets in her head. So, colouring keeps her distracted and relaxed.

She’d like it if she could say she’s able to read interesting books, but working on the phones means every time the line picks up she has to look away and re-read the same sentence 50 times!

Throughout the day, Nathalie calls potential clients to explain the services LinkNow Media offers, and shows them the value of their business being properly represented online.

Breaks are important, since she is a University student also. On her downtime she catches up on studying or reading. Though, everyone needs a proper break sometimes and during these she chooses to go to the break room and chat with friends.

The Support System

Nathalie is always excited to come back to work every day. Speaking with new people–every client is a new conversation and a new person to help–who will learn the benefits of LinkNow Media’s services is something she enjoys.She loves that she is the first person that helps them get started and really does believe in the product which makes the job easy.

Because the office is small, her co-workers are like family. Nathalie likes that feeling of community and family within the workplace.

In Closing

Nathalie says that working as a closer is definitely not the easiest job, but it is rewarding knowing you get new clients to come on board–and it’s an adrenaline rush pulling a new client! When their website goes up, it’s even more rewarding to see the finished product from all this hard work.

Nathalie’s three keys for success as a sales closer:

1) Never give up. Even when you’re having a bad day remember that you’re helping people grow their business and the end result will not only benefit them, but will brighten your day as well!

2) Stay positive. It can be hard being on the phones all the time, but a positive attitude goes a long way.

3)Product knowledge. Learn the product well to properly explain it to potential clients so they can learn about all the benefits we can provide their business.