One of the top traits of a functional and happy employee according to many sources is “sociable”. But what if you’re not so good at socializing? As an introvert, getting out of the house and going into a workplace full of other people can be tough enough—but knowing that your performance may be evaluated on not just your work skills but your social skills as well adds a lot more stress to an already tense situation.

Society’s view of introverts is that they’re antisocial, withholding, not team players, and unenthusiastic. But this could not be more wrong!

The main difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that one re-charges their energy by being in social situations and the other re-charges it by being alone.

Introverts will feel a higher level of anxiety in social situations than extroverts, who thrive when expected to communicate with other people, socialize, make presentations, etc. But aside from that, introverts can be your most valuable employee, and best co-worker.

  • They don’t crave attention.
  • They don’t speak before thinking.
  • They make cooperation easy.
  • They’re focused, and self-starters.
  • They work well solo or as part of a team.
  • They strive to please and avoid conflict.

And as for all you introverts who find yourselves having issues putting yourself out there, try the following:

Breathe:Many introverts have tendencies to speak quickly when they’re nervous. Take a breath before interactions and don’t let the tunnel vision take over!

Smile: No one likes being told to smile, but believe it or not smiling at your coworkers when you walk past them or have an interaction will help you put out positive energy even if you’re not great at starting up a conversation.

Be Flexible: If you feel that urge to hide in your own head, do your best to get out of that space. Be flexible and try to reflect the attitudes of others. Fake it ‘til you make it!

As an introvert, it’s all about being able to manage your stress and creating your own space where you can feel comfortable. Understand that not everyone intends to make you anxious when they put you on the spot. Communication is key.

As an extrovert, understanding introverts comes down to acknowledging that when they don’t want to be social it’s not because they’re being rude. They just need to re-charge. Chances are when they’re feeling more energized you’ll have your best conversation of the day with